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How about an eDGe App

Hi there, I still use my PE on a daily base. Especially the reader and the annotations on the books, and the facility to easily make websites turn into Epub-books. Whenever I use (d) a regular Ereader In missed the second screen and the possibility to create Epub-books of websites on the go.

When In saw my children play Minecraft, visiting eachothers worlds on the same Wifi-network, I suddenly thought of a Entourage eDGe App, which you should install on 2 devices, which you can each define as the eink-side or the lcd-side and which behave correspondently.

Now ,wouldn't that be great? You install one on a eink-device with Android, like the Boox, and the other on your phone or regular tablet. And off you go!
But I'm not a programmer, I know nothing of programming apps. I'm just a poor poet and lyricwriter, who is still sad Entourage eDGe stopped making devices.

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