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@haertig: I like your posts .

I collect now:
Originally Posted by ilovejedd View Post
Do you buy Kindle books? If not then HarryT's suggestion of airplane mode/disabling wifi on the Kindle works without affecting any of your other devices. Heck, even if you buy Kindle books, you can always use the Download & transfer via USB method instead of connecting the Kindle to wifi.
Originally Posted by HarryT View Post
Of course. Every single book on my Kindle is sideloaded using Calibre. Many were bought from Amazon, many from Baen, Delphi Classics, and other bookstores. Amazon donít care where you bought the books that you load onto your Kindle. Why do you think they do?
Originally Posted by datanoise View Post
I'd recommend to keep your kindle offline and to sideload your books, even those bought from amazon: that's simple and effective.

But if you don't want to permanently disable your internet connection you can use iptables (or use the plugin mentioned earlier) to block amazon servers. It will work but for how long? if they use servers in other ip ranges you're screwed.

Another way would be to block connections to most IP subnets and only allow a few services you'd like to use (wikipedia for example). That would be safer but only work if the internet use you intend to do with your ereader is limited to a few servers/services.
So, my conclusion:
- Turn of Wifi is safest as firewall isn't very secure or is extremly limiting.
- Can I then still use World Wise, when I don't use Wifi? (already downloaded worldwise db, or does amazon download world wise for each book?, e.g. would it work with sideloaded books?)
- Buy amazon books and sideload them with usb, like all other books then (convert other than azw in calibre to azw or pdf [pdf is better than epub because you can easily read it later on pc and check comments]).

Originally Posted by ilovejedd View Post
It's never been connected to the internet nor registered with my Amazon account. My only gripe used to be lack of collection support for unregistered Kindles but that's solved now with jailbreak + LibrarianSync.
- But you do have to give an account before using kindle update?
@HarryT: In which format do you load books on other stores and in which format do you convert them?

Originally Posted by encol View Post
Some time ago, i made an "HideBook" extension (see here and here)

You can hide your "secret" stuff before you go online and unhide when you need it
So the idea is to label "secret" books by prefix "h_" and to have a command to hide and to show them? (e.g. show them and read, hide them, wifi on, do something, wifi off, show them?) But isn't amazon also sending data collected when the books weren't hidden, before you turned wifi on?
Originally Posted by BookCat View Post
And Windows 10 spying is even worse. One of the reasons I'm staying with Windows 7 as long as poss.
Same what I do, but I'm now getting a 4k Display, so win 7/8 is no option. Will change my system to a linux distribution and use office with seemless virtualization (virtualbox or vmware player [better graphics]).
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