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. . . possibly the problem is linked to your current settings of Atlantis Word Processor.
As requested, attached is my Atlantis Tools > Options .ini file.
. . . is your Atlantis up-to-date? <snip> It would be even better if you upgraded to the latest beta version of Atlantis.
As you suggested, I've downloaded and installed the new beta version of Atlantis.
You do not need to re-insert a TOC after making a change to the document structure/headings. Just right-click the existing TOC, and choose the "Table of Contents > Update Entire Table" command from the menu.
Thank you for that tip!

To sum up: In short, no more errors! My book is complete. I don't see why anyone should use any other program(s) than AWP to create epubs. It's so easy! The learning curve for MS Word (before version 2007) users is almost negligible. In my estimation it's the only way to do epubs!

Thanks again!

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