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Originally Posted by awp View Post
Thanks for the document file.
I cannot reproduce the crash.

Could you please provide me with step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the error?

By the way, the document already contains a table of contents on page #1.
Thank you for checking the file. I have since made many updates to it but I have not changed the headings structure, and when I tried to insert the TOC again today, I had the same result - a crash.

My method of reproducing the error is to delete the existing TOC, place the cursor at the head of the document, and Insert > Table of Contents. At that point there is the crash and appearance of the error message.

This is the error message that appears every time:

Exception with message
"Access violation at 005491C5 in Atlantis.exe."
raised while executing sensitive operation. Document
"C:\Users\Frank\Documents\Atlantis\Documents\H ow to Convert 78s Using Audacity.doc" will be closed.


To answer your question, yes I successfully inserted a TOC consisting of nine numbered Level 2 headings when I had only the nine topics created. The TOC insertion function worked fine up to that point.

Now, you will notice that there are three additional topic headings (#10, 11 and 12) that are not linked. I typed those in by hand after the time when the TOC insertion function refused to work.

I have tried the TOC insertion repeatedly, carefully following the detailed instructions in the Help, since I added new material to the document and sent it to you, but I have received the same crash and error message every time.

I realize that this document is full of illustrations, over 200, which may not be normal for an epub and may be pushing the limits. Could that be an unusual burden on the TOC-creating function?

Regardless of the information above, I think I will try to create a TOC by hand using bookmarks. I'll report back on that.

Thank you for your help!

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