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Putting Parts of MobiPerl on CPAN

Hello Tombe and others,

I'm planning to release a Perl-Module on CPAN (the Perl Module-Archive) which uses parts of MobiPerls code. This means that the code in, and would be released on CPAN. Since MobiPerl is published under the GPL3, I assume that there is no problem with that. Still I would like to announce my plans here so that people are aware and maybe point out some issues I have not thought about. I myself would like to get in contact with the author of MobiPerl (which seems to be the user 'tombe'), but I don't know how busy or interested he is (I can assure that the main work for the CPAN module is done, and I'm not interested in any contact because of technical questions).

One technical task which I have not yet solved is the fact that MobiPerl brings along its own copy of the Palm module which actually is on CPAN. As far as I know the reason for this is, because some changes to this module are made. It would be very nice if this changes could go to the official Palm module (if this makes sense), so that the design on CPAN would be more clean, meaning no local copy of the Palm module. If somebody (e.g. tombe) can give any advice in that I would be grateful.

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