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For me "BookView" edition is the big advantage of Sigil compared to other ePub editor.

For small text changes (without formatting, just added and deleted plain text) has the best for this function (Caliber, wordy ; Jutoh, not quickly ; and there's not many others I know)

In "BookView" we look at and read quickly our book, we locate the elements to be modified.
Another very easy thing in "BookView": add separation marks, to quickly separate the pages of the book if needed.
In clear, all simple operation, which requires quick and visual feedback for certain ease of operation, which would be incredibly more complicated in "CodeView"

And if the modification is a little more subtle => go "CodeView"

Okay it's not optimized, okay it's buggy. A lot for some. But, for answer the Thread title :
Demise the BookView would be a biggest mistakes and a big loss for Sigil.

One good thing to do is to explain to users that "BookView" is only an "interactive preview", but "incomplete". A quick editing aid, not the main tool. Useful for text editing, not the formatting.

@Thasaidon Switch "BookView" and "Preview", why not. But a practical and quick access solution would be to put "BookView" in a "Preview" submenu, or have the 3 buttons "Preview", "CodeView", "BookView".

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