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Large e-book reader for a recluse


We are trying to pick the right e-book reader for a hermit priest who lives alone in the mountains. He reads mainly books about theology, which are cumbersome to store in his wooden cabin but more importantly difficult to bring up there now that he is getting older. His sight isn't excellent anymore either, so he also hopes to benefit from the larger prints. Since he has a small solar panel, he has the equivalent of a USB vehicle power adapter. The e-book reader will mostly stay inside at his table, and books will be brought by carrying a SD card.

He was shown a Kindle DX, and he likes it a lot, but unfortunately that's not an option since he can't connect to the internet and needs to read epub files.

I'd be very thankful if someone has input about this. The extend of my experience is using a Sony PRS-T2, and I know near to nothing about the large screen models, which I didn't see in stores around here.

- e-ink type of display
- large screen (9+ in)
- ability to read .txt and .epub and increase the fonts size
- ability to read either pdf or doc
- books transferable by SD card
- device can be recharged by a USB vehicle power adapter (it's 12V I think)
- ability to operate completely without internet connection once it has been set up

Additional preferences:
- ease of use and stability
- ability to read html (offline websites)
- French interface if possible
- expected lifetime of at least 1 year for each 100 of the price
- can be read both in rather high and low light conditions

Not really relevant in the choice:
- wifi, 3G, or any other form of connectivity aside from the SD card
- access to any form of modern litterature purchasing platform (he can carry up the odd modern book he needs)
- other applications than reading and organizing books
- weight and size don't matter, it will stay on his desk

Thank you very much!
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