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Hey sorry to dredge up this old thread again but, if you are still there and have a few minutes, I'm still having trouble getting ComicTagger fully operational. To clarify, I can get it to run using your instructions and I can tag comics one issue at a time - painstakingly slow for situations where I have hundreds of issues for the same comic.

I'm still having trouble getting to to batch import the metadata for multiple comics.

The issue I gather centers around the Python Image Library. I keep getting error messages to the effect that it's not available. I've tried each of your instructions to install it - none appear to have worked when I run ComicTagger. I've also tried check the Stack Overflow thread and it mentioned a manual installation of PIL, which I tried... but no dice there either. I also googled Anaconda and PIL and found this site: I downloaded the PIL files for 64 bit OSX version and, not knowing where to put them, I put them in my ComicTagger directory and still no help.

I'm probably doing something stupid again since I don't understand how Python and Anaconda work... any chance you or anyone else has any insight to offer on how to get batch metadata importing to work in MacOS?

There is another function in ComicTagger called "Auto Tag" which appears to do batch importing, but everytime I run it, even when I specify the exact Comic title, it always ALWAYS fails to find a match.
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