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Originally Posted by Worldwalker View Post
I'd suggest asking a mod to move this to the "Which device...?" section, where partisans of every available gadget that can read ebooks will proclaim the benefits of their particular device of choice.

They'll all be wrong, of course, except those who advocate the Sony PRS-505 (especially in silver) but you'll be able to get a wider selection of wrong advice.
Lol, love what you said

Anyways, on topic, I own both a iPad and a Pandigital Novel. Love both, but use them for certian things.

iPad Benefits:
-Nice 10" screen
-Can use all readers (Kindle for iPad, BN eReader for iPad, all the others that have their own iPad app)
-iBooks is nice if you make and import your own ePubs
-More than just an eReader

iPad Cons:
-at least $500 price tag
-Not to good in the sun
-all the other bad things that are known

Pandigital Novel Benefits:
-7" screen
-When hacked, can do all the same things that a phone with android on it can do
-$170 at Bed Bath & Beyond (reason why I got it )
-Can take ePubs with its own built-in eBook reader.
-Has a music player and video player as well if you want to use it for that
-Can use your SD card in it
-Alright display of screen in the sun, make sure it is facing you though and not at an angle.

Pandigital Novel Cons:
-Screens not that responsive, but it's better than some
-Whatever you can find about it that's bad, is usually right

All-in-all, I use both my iPad and Novel to read on. The novel is really good at night because the screen isn't near as bright as my iPad. One reason why its better in the sun. But besides what I said, it will depend on what your girlfriend wants in her reader. Don't let me sway you in any way or fashion to what reader to get.
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