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Originally Posted by theducks View Post
BSOD = Blue Screen of Death. That is what happens when there is no recovery from a serious error in all versions of Windows.

To check your PEz drive, it must not be "in use". You must QUIT Calibe. Right click the Calibre Icon in the tooltray and choos Quit.... No more Icon.
Explore "My Computer".
You should see your drives (Floppy, C drive, DVD-RW. Whatever)
One of the Removable drives will be your SD Card (if inserted),
The next letter is the PEz Built-in storage.
You can explore them to figue whick is the Card and Internal.

Anyway at the Drive Level of My Computer, Right-click the one you want and select properties.
Select the tools tab (on properties)
Click "Error checking: Check Now" button
You will be given some choices. Tick only the Automatic fix option
Click that "Start" (not the one with the logo )
If you get an "Disk check could...." Message, Calibre or there is another "Explorer" window using it. Answer: "NO" . Fix the unwanted usage and try again.

Delete Only those "Ghost" files, if they end in ".chk" and the "found###" folder. Do Not Mess with other hidden files
Hi theducks,

Thanks for being patient. I really appreciate the help. I did what you said and the olny hidden files it sees is the adobe digital edition(.adobe-digital-editions). It didn't see those Found ### files. But if I look it on my EZ PPro I could see those files and click on it. It doesnt have anything on there. It just added clutter.

Is there other way to do this? TIA
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