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Cut/paste or drag/drop of user categories?

I've been working on getting my libray (7000 plus books) for months. I've set up a large group of user categories and use custom tags to have the books show within the proper category.

However..... I have way too many categories and I would like to change some of my main categories to sub-categories of categories instead. I cant find a way to change or move a category and have it become a subcategory of another category. There is no copy/paste option and there is no drag n' drop feature.

I hope i'm wrong, but it appears that I need to delete the stand alone category that I want to become a subcategory of another category, then manually add a subcategory as needed (hope this makes sense?).

If that's true, I have to delete about 50 categories and then create 50 subcategories where needed. Am i missing something? Is there a way to move/change a standalone category and have it become a subcategory of another category?

On standby hoping for a quick answer; I might have a entire days work ahead of me fixing this.....
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