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Originally Posted by RSaunders View Post
The question you have to ask yourself is "Do you want to presume that your flight attendant and/or fellow passenger is a knowledgeable electronics engineer?" If you can say yes, then you can trust them to use their engineering expertise to tell folks what to turn off. Alas, if you can say yes I'm not comfortable with you being in charge of air travel.
Well I guess we should all be dead then. On a plane of say 300 odd people, of which 80-90% will be carrying a mobile phone, I can pretty much guarantee that there are at least 4 or 5 phones left on my mistake (or those that cant be bothered to turn them off). On almost every single flight I have been on (and I fly a reasonable amount), the moment the wheels touch down, there is the sound of dozens of phones being switched off. On a lot of flights, there are even one or two people on a flight who are up out of their seat and getting bags from the overhead as the plane is still taxing around.

Reading the regulations, the advise notes, and other published information (see section 6 of as an example), it appears that the use of almost ANY electronic device including a hand-held calculator is prohibited by all international cariers not only on the (foolish) grounds of interferance, but also in case items get loose and bounce around.

I imagine a 505 in the back of the head could be fairly nasty. But then, would it be any worse than say the latest Stephen King book in hardback?

As I have said on another forum, would it just not be a whole lot simplier for the joined up FAA/BAA/etc's of this world to be able to issue a "FAA approvd" image to put on devices?
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