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Hi all,

I have been editing eBooks for myself since about 2001 for my Palm vX and currently have a Palm Treo 680 to read on. I discovered Kovid Goyal's excellent Calibre about a year or so ago and have been increasingly impressed with it. While I would like an iPhone or iPod Touch to read on I'm not very keen on Apple's "walled garden" approach to everything, nor do I have the cash to splash. The other eBook readers - Kindle, Nook et al. - all seem a little too large to me to be as handy while waiting in a doctor's surgery or a queue at the cinema and grabbing a few more pages. Right now, there are an increasing number of authors I have discovered through their willingness to give free digital versions of their books and I make sure I have their dead tree versions sitting on my extensive bookshelves gathering dust while I stare at my teeny tiny screen...

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