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Device: Kobo Aura H20
I noticed something else: In the frontend/device/kobo/device.lua file, I have this section:

-- Kobo Aura H2O:
local KoboDahlia = Kobo:new{
model = "Kobo_dahlia",
hasFrontlight = yes,
touch_phoenix_protocol = true,
display_dpi = 265,
-- the bezel covers the top 11 pixels:
viewport = Geom:new{x=0, y=11, w=1080, h=1429},

You see there the modified geometry due to 11 pixels of the screen covered by the bezel. However, per specification, the screen has a height of 1430 px. 1430-11=1419, so I would've expected to see "h=1419" in the config. Does that make sense? Unfortunately, changing this does not resolve my issue.
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