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Smile Kindle Touch/PW1/PW2 5.0.x - JailBreak. Plus FW 5.x USBNetwork.

Hello again

Like the title says, here's a FW 5.0.x - JailBreak!

The payload is based on yifanlu's jailbreak, with a few tweaks to make it more Touch/PaperWhite centric,
and a fantastic new delivery method discovered by yossarian17. So, as always, thanks to everyone involved in Touch & PaperWhite hacking, particularly yifanlu, ixtab, geekmaster, eureka & yossarian17 .

In addition, this is also the home of the FW 5.x (KT/PW/PW2/KT2/KV/PW3/KOA/KT3) port of the USBNetwork hack .

What Does It Do?:

The JailBreak, while fairly unintrusive itself, opens the door to pretty much everything you'll find on this forum .

As for USBNetwork, besides bundling a couple of useful tools, it will grant you remote shell access to your Kindle, be it over USB or WiFi.

Latest Updates (08/19/2015):

JailBreak v1.14.N (Rescued by a Wizard!), USBNetwork v0.21.N (Updated binaries, ship some more tools).


What you should know about how best to proceed to update the JailBreak itself:
  • The bridge (the Update_jailbreak_bridge_*_install.bin update package in the JailBreak archive, as well as the one in the JB hotfix archive, see the relevant section in #2 for more historical details) exists solely as a means to deploy the jailbreak in circumstances where the current jailbreak method is unusable, but custom packages are still usable. That usually means previously jailbroken devices running a FW version unsupported by the current jailbreak method. As such, it can always be used to upgrade your currently installed jailbreak .
  • On the other hand, on FW versions the jailbreak method handles, simply reinstalling the JailBreak will do the trick just fine too, and in a faster manner, since you won't need to suffer through a reboot.
  • Additionally, be aware that a reset to factory defaults will break certain key aspects of the JailBreak, so make sure to re-apply the JailBreak (by following the very instructions in this notice) if you've reset your device to factory defaults (if you're unsure of that fact: better be safe than sorry ).

That could be summed up as such: if you're currently running FW 5.0.x to reinstall the JB. If you're running FW >= 5.4.5: install the bridge. If you're running FW >= 5.6.1: install the JB hotfix instead if you're in a situation where you can't install the bridge via MRPI.

Notice to FW >= 5.4.5 users:

This JailBreak procedure will NOT work on FW >= 5.4.5! That of course implies that you currently cannot jailbreak a vanilla KT2/KV/PW3/KOA/KT3 using this method.

Currently, it does survive an update to >= 5.4.5 though, provided your JailBreak is up to date (see the update notice earlier in this post. Take particular notice of the comment about factory resets).

If you intend to update to FW >= 5.4.5, make sure your JailBreak is up to date first.

If your PW2 shipped on a FW version >= 5.4.5 but < 5.5.0, all is not lost, you should be able to downgrade to with a bit of trickery.

Another bit of good news, if your device is not running FW >= 5.7.2, there is a JailBreak available for devices running FW 5.6.5 .

IMPORTANT notice regarding FW >= 5.6.0:

As with the previous notice, this JailBreak obviously won't work on these new versions (but don't despair, we know have a universal solution, via a factory downgrade ).

That said, it does survive an update to >= 5.6.x, provided your JailBreak is up to date (see the update notice earlier in this post. Take particular notice of the comment about factory resets).

Do note that running FW >= 5.6.x implies a number of restrictions, though: (easy) downgrade to a production firmware is now impossible, and, more importantly, you will NOT be able to install custom update packages through usual means, no matter the state of your JailBreak. Fortunately, the MR Package Installer will help with that last fact .
Moreover, this (as well as the following) FW series introduces some significant changes which may break some custom code, especially if it affects the UI.

TL;DR: If you do intend to update, you absolutely MUST make sure your JailBreak is up to date BEFORE applying the official update! Given that the required changes in the JailBreak are very new, you generally WILL have to take action.

NOTE: If you had the misfortune of getting a silent OTA update to FW >= 5.6.x while running an outdated JailBreak, all is not lost, you should be able to get everything back up without jumping through too many hoops . This is what we're calling the hotfix throughout the forum.

IMPORTANT: I have to insist on the fact that on FW >= 5.5.x, using MRPI is REQUIRED to install custom packages!

ATTN: NEW Factory Downgrade OR 5.6.5 JailBreak USERS

If you've just successfully ran Branch Delay's Factory JailBreak or 5.6.5 JailBreak, you can safely skim/disregard most everything in this post and simply follow these specific instructions:

Start by simply installing the JB hotfix. This will take care of the basics.

After that, you will NEED to use MRPI to install any and all other custom update packages.



Download the attached file, and unpack it. In here, you'll find a few files.
Unzip the contents of the archive to the root directory of your Kindle.

Now, eject & unplug your Kindle, and go to [HOME] -> [MENU] > Settings -> [MENU] > Update Your Kindle. The updater won't actually ever run, this is normal. After a few seconds, the words **** JAILBREAK **** will appear at the bottom of your screen to confirm that the device is jailbroken . You won't see this message again, it's simply a confirmation message.

And that's it, your Kindle is now ready to install custom hacks!

Since v1.11.N: If you need to use something MKK-powered immediately, be aware that MKK will only be active on the next boot. Installing another package through the Update mechanism will do the trick, or you can manually trigger a device restart ([HOME] -> [MENU] > Settings -> [MENU] > Restart).


Q. Hmm, I have a PW2 (or KT2/KV/PW3/KOA/KT3), and the Update Your Kindle link stays grayed out, how come?

A. If you can't find your specific model in the current list of Kindle models, please reply to this thread with: the exact model of your device (WiFi/3G), the country it was bought in/shipped to, and finally, and most importantly, the first six characters of its serial number (Settings -> Device Info).
If you *do* find your model in that list, see the next answer .

Q. I can't figure out why the Update Your Kindle link stays grayed out (bis)?

A. First, read the instructions again, and make sure you followed them exactly. A common oversight is to upload the zip file itself, instead of what's *in* the zip file after it's been unpacked .
If you think you did that right, don't worry, there's a known (upstream) issue that might cause the OTA updater to crash and fail to pick up new update files. If you still have the jailbreak files on the root of your device, remove them, and make sure you don't have any other .bin files laying around in there.
Restart your device, and try the installation procedure again.
(If this happens for any other hack, and you have a shell access, a restart otaupd usually puts things to right).

Q. As soon as I eject my device, I get a popup saying An invalid update file has been loaded on your device, what's happening?

A. You're running FW >= 5.5.x, and, as mentioned in the relevant section of this very post, you will now have to use MRPI to install custom packages.
That said, if you were trying to install the JB hotfix, see the first answer .

Q. My hacks suddenly failed to work properly, how come? (aka. What happens if I get an OTA update?)

A. Since FW 5.3.x, official updates (OTA or not, actually) are complete updates, overwriting the complete main system. This has the side effect of breaking a lot of custom hacks. For instance, you'll have to reinstall most full hacks that touch the system, whereas simple KUAL extensions should survive the process .
On a sidenote, FW updates are usually a game of cat and mouse, so do make sure you check the forums to see if the hacks you care about will actually *work* on a new FW version before updating .

Q. What's this 'MKK' (Mobileread Kindlet Kit) thing? Do I need it?

A. Good news: it's now bundled with this very JailBreak, so you don't need to install it manually . Keep reading if you want to actually know what it's about.
Short answer: you'll need it to run custom Kindlets, like KUAL or Collections Manager. See the MKK thread for details .

Q. What's this 'AcXE' thingy? Do I need it?

A. If you intend to run custom ACXs, then, yes, you need it.
Check the dedicated thread for more details .

Q. What's this 'Rescue Pack' thingy? Do I need it?

A. If you like having your back covered, and especially if you intend to do any sort of development on your device at all, yes, probably.
Check the dedicated thread, and its companion for more details .
And see here for an all-in-one package .
For my own spin on these (with minor quality-of-life changes, and new devices support), see my snapshots thread.

  • Jailbreak:
    • v1.2.N:
      • Works on firmware <= 5.1.2 .
    • v1.3.N:
      • Minor tweaks for robustness.
    • v1.4.N:
      • Proper PaperWhite support.
    • v1.5.N:
      • A few minor model detection fixes.
    • v1.6.N:
      • Proper support for the UK 3G PW.
    • v1.7.N:
      • Implement a 'bridge' to carry the JailBreak over the 5.3.0 update (following a suggestion from eureka, thanks!). (See the Bridge section)
    • v1.8.N:
      • New delivery mechanism w/ PW2 support, thanks to yossarian17 .
    • v1.9.N:
      • Smarter FW 5.4.x handling, fix the issues with FW 5.4.4 on the PW1.
    • v1.10.N:
      • Repack.
    • v1.11.N:
      • Bundle MKK with the JB.
      • The bridge will now carry MKK over >= 5.3 updates, in addition to the JB, saving you one package install .
    • v1.12.N:
      • Handle the 'new' PW2 variants.
    • v1.13.N:
      • KUAL will now be able to call on everyone's favorite Grey Wizard for assistance against the forces of evil led by FW 5.6.1
      • The bridge will now carry the Rescue Pack & Coward's Rescue Pack over >= 5.3 updates, provided you reinstall/update your JB OR Bridge AFTER installing the RP/CRP, or use my own snapshot copy of them.
    • v1.14.N:
      • Allow semi-painless and semi-automatic recovery from a factory reset (cf. #1396 & #1401).
  • Doc: $Id: MR_THREAD 13392 2016-07-21 18:45:02Z NiLuJe $
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