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Cybook Gen 3: upper half of screen frozen

This is a problem I have not yet seen discussed, and I'd like to know what is going on. Over a period of a couple weeks, the upper half of my Cybook Gen 3's screen would freeze while the lower half worked perfectly well. At first, I could correct the problem by either by turning a few pages back and forth or by exiting the book I was reading and reopening it. After a while when the problem occurred, though, I had to turn the unit off completely and restart it to fix it. Finally, the upper half of the screen is--I think--permanently frozen while the lower half of the screen continues to work.

I've tried a variety of things, including recharging, hard resets, etc., but nothing has worked. The upper screen remains blank (white), but sometimes shows horizontal black lines that disappear when I turn the unit off and on again.

What has happened? Is it fixable or even worth fixing if possible? I've had my trusty Gen 3 for over two years and gotten a lot of wonderful use from it--so the unit is waaay out of warranty--but it may be time to retire it completely...
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