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sasilk began at the beginning.
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I think 4 hours of searching this forum, along with another couple of hours learning enough to debug some regex code that a friend helped me with before asking probably counts. I've been trying to work out a solution to this for 14 hours now, since around 7pm last night (it's almost 9am here now), but sure, assume that I've done absolutely nothing.

Didn't you notice that I'd managed to achieve some progress already, including multiple approaches and what they did and didn't achieve? That should have given you a clue that I'd been working on it myself and wasn't just asking for a whole solution first up. I gave you TWO approaches I'd worked out, one of which didn't work and the other which did, but imperfectly. And the phrase "I can't find a way" would suggest that I'd been searching I would have thought.

But no. It appears that I have to explain - in detail - every single thing I've done and tried before I'm worthy of your munificence.

I don't post here often - mainly because I work out solutions to most things either by myself or via searching for them. And now I'm kind of glad I don't have to, with this kind of supercilious response. Are you here to be helpful, or to further inflate your enormous ego?
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