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Question Search & Replace in multi value field


I have a situation where a metadata reader has added half of the title and the author as two separate authors in the 'authors' field. In all cases, the incorrect data is the first entry in the multi value field.

Normally I'd just fix it by hand, but there's 2000 of them, and I suspect it's going to happen again (it has already) so I'd like to find an automated fix.

In the bulk metadata Search & Replace, I can isolate either the first value or all of the subsequent values (usually only one) using the "For multivalue fields, show <x> values starting at <y> with values separated by <xxx>" but I can't get the Replace part to work - it simply leaves it as is. It displys it correctly in the GUI, but doesn't seem to write anything.

Strangely, I can get it to work with the 'authors_sort' field (using the regex "^.*\& " and the multi value settings as above), but can't find a way to bulk set the 'authors' field from the 'author_sort' field.

If anyone has an answer to either issue (preferably the first, but I'm not going to be picky :-D ) I'd be really grateful.

Thank you!

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