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Hello, I'm very impressed with this hack. A weather app is a perfect use of the Kobo WiFi since it can refresh through the network. Unfortunately I personnally own a 1st gen Kobo (without WiFi)..

I was thinking to transform my Kobo 1st gen to a perpetual calendar, for my grandmum suffering from Alzheimer's. This would not need any connectivity to show the date and time, name of the day, maybe season.

Would it be theoratically possible to hack the Kobo 1st gen with the same principles used here? Of course a telnet/FTP access would be out of question, but pushing a tarball could be done. I'm guessing if a python script was developped using a Kobo WiFi (for testing) it could eventually be pushed and run on a Kobo 1st gen?

Thanks for any feedback!
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