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[iOS] covers not transferring now??

I'm using Calibre 3.6 on Win10, transferring small number of books to an iPad with Calibre Companion 1.3.0 (160). I transferred maybe 15 books initially, a few weeks ago, and the books seemed to transfer fine and the book covers showed up as well. I was then able to move these to iBooks and see covers and read the books.

Now I'm transferring a few more books and the covers do not show up. The book content does, just not the covers.

Some things that have happened in between times. First off Calibre was updated probably from 3.5. So the initial transfer was using 3.5, the second that does not work entirely right is with 3.6. IOS on the iPad was also updated.

To copy books to the iPad, I connect via "to Content Server". From there I see the book covers. And from there I can copy to the device by clicking on a book and then hitting the download Button, which is performed quickly. Getting back to CC, I see the book with a white cover. Touch the book and then touching "Read". Now I see the book in iBooks, and I'll see the cover! Just not in CC!!!

Am I missing a step?
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