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Comic-book type image frames setup

I have a series of comic book type pictures, andd I want to arrange some of them side-by-side. They aren't exactly polished; they're individual frames (not compiled into big pages) and they don't all have the same dimensions. I'd like to avoid editing the images themselves, if possible.

I would like to set them into rows, and within each row, size them so that they're all the same height. But I want that height to be flexible, and for the pictures to be as big as they could be, given the scene width. Here's some code for example:

What I thought I knew was that a) epub3 supports javascript, but epub2 does not, and b) calibre doesn't support epub3. Is this correct?

Can anyone tell me how to put javascript into an epub? Or how to produce a similar effect with just css and html?

(I was also playing around with various flexbox setups, but they didn't work in the calibre "file preview" screen. That might be something else I'd like to include, so there could be more frames per line on larger viewers. This part isn't my main priority right now, but if you happen to know anything about that, that would be helpful too.)
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