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Originally Posted by spannah View Post
This is my wife's Kobo and here is what happen:
- She got the Kobo last week, and one of the first things was to do the updates etc.
- Yesterday, somehow, she lost all her books (the 100 free and a few she had bought)
- She decided to do a factory restore, but alas no books
- Additionally Windows 7 is now asking to format the E: drive. This is the Kobo drive letter
- We have attempted the forced update as described in other threads and as suggested by customer service but it fails to complete

Other notes:
- The device is not locked up or bricked - can use the buttons, go through menu and settings, just that there are no books available
- Tried the factory default more then once - first time plugging in the device right after doing this, Kobo is recognized, but gives the format drive dialog from the OS. After managing to eject the device and plugging the device again, then it is not recognized
- I have tried many Google searches for information on Kobo, drive, format, file system and so on, but most result are on e-book formats, which don't help me much

- Anyone come across this? (windows prompt to format Kobo drive)
- Is it safe to format? Which file system should be used?
- If the drive is re-formatted, will a subsequent factory restore and update, or just update, rewrite whatever files are needed?
- Will the update done at Chapters resolve this issue?

Any info on this would be great. Thanks
I have same problem!!!!!!Solution?
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