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I bought the OEM case for my KAO and was happy with it even though the price did hurt a bit, but like others, I am not buy the OEM case for my Forma, both because the price is now ridiculous, but they broke the main way I use it with that flappy design. I ordered a third part cover from China for $10 shipped (here: ) on Dec 26th, it is on a plane from China now, and is estimated to be here Jan 18th. I don't really like the slip in design of the eBay cover, but I thought it was my only choice.

I used to not check Amazon as I didn't think Amazon was very friendly to Kobo... but I just now found one on Amazon available via Prime for $12 which is the clip in design I like ( ). I ordered it (even though the available colors are horrid, at least it will be easy to see/find) and expect it Wednesday at which time I can post feedback here.

Even if I end up spending more than $50 on third party covers, I will not buy that OEM cover... it is the principal of the thing... not having a choice of a regular cover (vs. the kickstand version) and having to pay that much for it isn't for me.
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