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I was lazy to have a look at this topic and I still am. My bet is
that the nature of db makes it hard to implement. In contrary,
they would do it in a minute or two.
I suspect the issue has more to do with the fact that page numbers will vary based on the font size you're using, etc. so the page number shown is very dynamic.

Please, pretty please: other than fixing the current bugs, do give us a "Go to page" option. Clicking through a whole chapter, just to "close" a book and "return it" to the bookshelf, is a huge pain.
Cause if you don't give us that, we'll need the stuff finder, just to find our books on the shelf...
Based on what you're describing, a simple menu item to "Close Book" would be sufficient. This would be a simple matter of clearing the bookmark and removing the "I'm Reading" tag.

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