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:-) That is a fun picture - and thanks everyone for the real feedback from real users!

Most of my documents are research reports about policy and law. That means mainly text, a few tables and a few graphs, but nothing spectacular. And oh yes, footnotes. Most come in document format (all my own materials are archived in .doc), but I guess there must be an app around that allows to transform doc to pdf. Does that reflow work automatically, or does it mean you need to convert documents first?

I regularly am away for a few days for conferences or advisory missions - situations where there is a lot of travel or waiting time and where something like the Edge would offer a good mix of infotainment and hard functionality. And I would love to show it off to my colleagues :-). But with Android 3 coming, I guess I'll wait a bit and see if a new version is in the works. It would be a bit silly to buy one now and then notice it can't evolve further due to hardware limitations. And I can't imagine that the company would just keep this version hanging around for the next year or so...

I expect I'll be spending some time on the fence on this one, eyeballing the forum and being tempted to take the plunge...