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Edge User
I own the full size edge, and for your uses I doubt the pocket edge will work, especially if the netbook is too small for you.
1. The webcam does not currently do video calls well, and Skype has no Android video chat app for Android.
2. Typing is fairly easy, especially if you add a mini portable keyboard.
3.PDFs on the pocket edge will not be easy unless they all reflow, but yes you can view on the LCD side. You cannot view office docs on the eink though.
4. New hardware is an unknown, it seems likely though - the edge is first generation.
5. Movies run great.
6. No Angry Birds, wrong Android version and maybe not enough CPU
7. Yes music will run as a background.
8. The full size edge battery life for me is about 12 hours with sporadic LCD usage, using the LCD heavily reduces battery life to that of a netbook (which I also own - eeePC 901))