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pre-sales questions (pocket edge)

Hi everyone! I came across the pocket edge when I was looking for a smart phone and/or e-reader. Right now I have an eeepc 701 as a "satellite" to my business laptop. It also has a 7 inch screen, but it is a bit too limited to read things on it or to actually do some work in my opinion. Plus you need to scroll most webpages, which is not handy.

A smartphone sounds flashy but I don't know if I would actually use it as intended. And I don't want to buy a "throw-away appliance". Any e-book reader by itself is a bit limited, even the Kindle as I live and travel mostly in Europe.

So I have a bunch of questions before I spend 400 euro + case and postage on this...

1. I see a webcam in the design. Does it work? Could one for example make a Skype call with it?

2. How feasible is it to actually type something with the pocket edge? I often need to edit word documents and ppt presentations. Can I do that, or is it mission impossible?

3. What is the problem with pdf's? I have many pdf files to read (mainly text) and it seems they don't all render correctly. Am I right in thinking that, if it doesn't work on the e-ink side, I can just move it to the lcd side, switch the orientation and read it from there?

Likewise, if I want to read a document from word or open office, can I just switch that to the e-ink side?

4. I have read about the machine being underpowered, no 3G, etcetera. Does anyone know if there is a version in the pipeline with update hardware?

5. How does playing a movie in .avi format work? Does it have good enough quality, or does it stutter and shiver?

6. Can I play angry birds on it? That is only half a joke :-).

7. Can I multitask - e.g. play a music file and work normally on the lcd side?

8. And yes, battery life. How good or bad is it with the lcd side switched on and applications open?

Thanks very much in advance for your thoughts. I am not biased towards the full-sized edge, but the price of that would be closer to 600. That might be a bit too much for a secondary device.