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Originally Posted by diokdin View Post
^Yes I did. I authorized my PP to ADE.

Another thing I observed is that ADE keeps on saying not responding and I have to close it. Then open it again. I uninstalled and installed it 3-4 times. I noticed it when I hook up my PP and my SD card is in it's slot. But if I just hook up my PP w/o the SD card it (ADE) wont crash. And it's slow transfering ebooks. Is it just me or someone else experience this too?

Is this because I'm using vista? or the system I'm using doesnt matter, really....I'm a newbie so please bear with me.

Might be a simple answer after all. I had the same problem when I first started using ADE (and still do as a matter of fact).

Problem is the clock on your computer. It has to be correct as ADE appears to want to sync so it can track your lending period.

[The clock on my computer is incorrect for reasons outside of this discussion] So before I start ADE up I set the clock.

Otherwise you get that error.
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