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Following your method, I was able to get about 30 seconds of telnet/FTP access before my computer booted me out with the given error message. I disabled auto-connect on my desktop and suddenly my connection was stable!

Something useful I came up with: I modified my /usr/local/Kobo/udev/sd with the following additions (shown in bold):

if [ "$DEV" == "$DEVNAME" ]; then
	if [ "$ACTION" == "add" ]; then
		mount -r -t vfat -o shortname=mixed $DEVNAME /mnt/sd
		if [ $? != 0 ]; then
			mount -r $DEVNAME /mnt/sd

	echo sd $ACTION $DEVNAME >> /tmp/nickel-hardware-status &

if [ "$ACTION" == "remove" ]; then
	umount -l /mnt/sd
Now when I insert a MicroSD card with a script on it, it will automatically run the script! This way I can start up nickel normally when the device boots, but kill it in if I need to. Also, the device reboots when the SD card is removed... this is for convenience.

I intend to play around with Koper and see if I can create a Kobo application framework using Node.js... just a little pet project
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