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tonyv began at the beginning.
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Hi Sven
This what i have found out:
on kobo
uname -r
this is from 1.9.16 from recovery partition
this from unzipped
on pc
strings /kobo3-update-1.9.17/upgrade/ntx508/uImage | grep "2.6.35"
/kobo3-update-1.9.17/drivers/ntx508/usb/gadget$ md5sum *
40b89f6e1836896cec7017f9d7b85e30 arcotg_udc.ko
080fb7caa98968fdaad1aa37d6a956a1 g_ether.ko
f794893729ef24ec5a74fe44db81a9a8 g_file_storage.ko
same md5 from kobo 1.9.16
/usr/local/Kobo/udev/usb implies ntx508 directory is the right one

/kobo3-update-1.9.17/upgrade/strings uImage | grep "2.6.35" // assume uimage of wireless kobo

incidentally about cross compiler on kobo
strings /lib/ | grep ourcery
GNU C Library (Sourcery G++ Lite 2010q1-202) stable release version 2.11.1, by Roland McGrath et al.

Only thing i can think of is that you got a wireless kobo rather than touch though string from uimage is different but closer than to the touch.

If you have wireless KevinShorts solution seems the only way.


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