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iRiver Story or Cover Story?


After over a year of using my Nintendo DS as a eBook reader I will finally get myself a "proper" reader for christmas.

Functions and prize has led me to the iRiver story and the cover story.

My main concern is "the feel" and navigation. Out of the two I think I prefer the story seeing as it's both cheaper & has buttons insted of the paddle and touch screen which i'm not a fan of (and reading a few peoples remarks it seems the touch screen is not that good).

But I kind of fear that the button layout seems wrong, the turning pages seem to me to be to far down. I haven't had the opportunity to try it, so i'm asking for opinions from people who have or had one of the pros and cons of the iRiver story? Should I buy one? Considering it's the cheapest option available for my needs (being able to borrow books from the public library here in Sweden).
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