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I agree with a lot of what you wrote. I just returned my DX to pick up a second K2. Had to get the second one... my wife wasn't going to be happy letting go of the first K2 I passed to her when the DX arrived!

1. re: weight - I think it would have been more manageable to hold if it still had buttons on both sides. This would have more positions possible.
2. re: surf speed - You know, come to think of it, I do think it was slower than the K2. I wonder if they cut a corner on processor or RAM or something. Since it has a new slotted modem (presumably to allow GSM as well as CDMA), perhaps the throughput is slower.
3. re: folders - You'll still have organizational challenges on the K2... I do wish they'd cave and add folders.
4. re: PDF's - My biggest readability issue was that there was no way to zoom or change font sizes. I was disappointed that they did not support linked TOC's or notes, too. This could have been an ideal way to store and access user manuals with whatever hints and settings you end up using noted in the PDF.
5. re: Crashing - mine crashed a bit more than my K2 as well.

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