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Kindle DX: 5 Reasons I May be Returning Mine

I have used my Kindle DX for a few weeks and a bit of reality is slowly sinking in. Here are my gripes in order of importance:

1. While I love the larger screen, I am finding the device TOO HEAVY. I keep shifting its position in my hands, propping it on my chest or armchair...all to no avail. Its just too heavy to be comfortable reading a book for over 5 minutes. I am using it without a cover. With a cover, the weight would be unbearably uncomfortable.
2. Internet surfing is IMPOSSIBLY SLOW! We are talking five minutes for a webpage at times. More often than not the cursor becomes unresponsive and it freezes. I hoped this would be the perfect device to take on a roadtrip, connect to yelp or tripadvisor, and find a good restaurant/motel wherever I was. Now I know the Kindle DX is virtually useless for websurfing. The Kindle-2 was much better in this regard. It was slow but usable. As a browser the DX is junk.
3. I have quite a few pages of books. Without folder support, its getting confusing.
4. PDF documents can be read, but the grey font is too light and too small for comfortable reading. I find myself converting all documents from PDF to prc via mobiconverter. Prc files read very well.
5. The device crashes way too often. To restart, you must hold the power switch for 30 seconds and often fiddle with it...again and again. WTF?

Overall, I really like the big screen but feel that this device was rushed to market. In another year or two, in comparison to other readers, the Kindle DX may seem like a VERY bad choice.
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