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Thanks for the reply Kovid. back to square one idea how I am going to manage 8GB of ebooks in PDF format.

Can I request a feature for the next release of Calibre:

When a user chooses the "add books recursively" function, the software auto-generates 'tags' based on the directory & subdirectory name,i.e. if my dir structure on the HDD is like

Genre-Sci-Fi\Alan Dean Foster\ebook1.pdf (tags added 'genre-sci-fi', 'Alan Dean Foster')
Genre-Politics\Noam Choamsky\ebook2.pdf (tags added 'genre-politics', 'Noam Choamsky')
etc etc

Most of us manage our ebooks libraries using dir/folder names to make drilling down to a particular genre, author etc easy and a feature like above would make adding books to a device ,with a flat file structure, a breeze. This way the "collections" feature on the sony reader becomes the file explorer.
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