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How to handle formatting of foreshadow scenes

My book is broken down into chapters by DAY. I have several short one-paragraph scenes of foreshadowing - either at the beginning of a chapter or at the end - that I separate out for the reader by using "* * *"

But some test readers have suggested that these scenes should be completely outside of any chapter and stand on their own as they have nothing to do with the Day chapter they might be in, which is correct.

But I didn't do this because of what I envion as a technical thing for some devices - don't some devices may allow the user to scroll continuously? Meaning there is no such thing as outside of any chapter - moving a scene outside of a chapter would merely show it then at the end of the previous chapter.

So, I'm kind of stumped... the only thing I can think of would be to put them onto their own page, centered VERTICALLY and maybe with "* * *" both top and bottom so they would be for sure good on non-scrolling devices and on the ones that can scroll, there would be plenty of blank space before and after - but I think that may create an equally weird situaion for those devices.
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