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Unhappy Boyue T62+ Issues

Hey all!

So I'm new around here but decided to join this forum since it looks like there's much support for the T62+.

Anyway, I've been experiencing issues with my Boyue T62+ lately and I'm really hoping to find a fix here!

The first issue is with the touch-screen. The left side, and mostly the lower left quadrant, is unresponsive a lot. Sometimes it works but most of the time it does not. I've never dropped my eReader and the screen does not show any sign that it has sustained any physical damage. Does it have to do with the software or there's an update/option that fixes this that I don't know of?

Secondly a lot of times after it is switched off and when I try to boot it up again by pressing the power button, it won't. What switches it on is if I connect the USB cable to it (not even needs to be plugged to the electric socket). Weird. Any work around?

Also, my T62+ isn't rooted, I've just been using it as it since I got it a few months ago, with apps downloaded via the Good e-Reader App Store app. Maybe that is the issue, I don't know...

Please help me out, I really want to get my T62+ working properly. Thank you for your time and any help is appreciated.
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