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Originally Posted by kovidgoyal View Post
But you dont have the header files that are needed for compilation to succeed. Note that you also need the qt4 development package installed. That error message indicates you're missing the qt4 development files.
In general, slackware/slamd64 does not separate headers and stuff into -dev packages like other distros seem to like doing, so if one installs a slackware/slamd64 package then one has everything one needs and there is no need for a seperate -dev package.

For instance above it says it can't find QWidget, QCache and QBasicTimer include header files etc... etc.. but these are all installed on my system :




etc.. etc..

Also, I have symbolic link between /usr/lib64/qt-4.4.1 and /usr/lib64/qt so it's not like it's in some hard to find arcane directory or something.

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