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back on the end of march, bookeen support mentioned that an update for opus was ready for use but needed to be tested, which would take 'several months'.

6 months, i guess, qualifies for inclusion in the mathematical set 'several'. however, i do not think that duration is any longer in the set 'reasonable', or even the microsoft standard 'real soon now' set. maybe santa will deliver it in my stocking on xmas? (note i am not mentioning WHICH christmas. HoHoHo)

p.s. - the arabic term that comes to mind is 'bukra, inshallah' (tomorrow, God willing), which is normally used to mean 'maybe tomorrow, only if God makes me do it'

this can be combined with the italian "Sú dimentichiamo domani, Perché forse non verrá" (Let's forget about tomorrow, For tomorrow never comes!) - Perry Como <-linky (at least we can be entertained while waiting)

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