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I find a need to improvize the following plugins in the calibre to make it even greater!

1. Improving metadata download plugin "IsbnDB 1.0.0" by Kovid Goyal :
ISBNdb site has more additional book info like Classification, Subject, Book details (language,total pages), Similar books, Buying info, Library entry etc. How to fetch these info in the fetching plugin ?

2. Improving Catalog generator plugin "CSV/XML catalog generator" by Greg Riker:
How to provide choice for the end-user to include some of the custom columns that I created (under preferences/interface/add own columns) and exclude some default columns (say if I don't need Author, Title, Rating, Tags etc) in the catalog generation?

3. Improving User Interface Action plugin "Edit Metadata" by Kovid Goyal:
As soon as we add books (without proper metadata/cover) manually into library, can we have an option to preview (with zoom,scroll,select text) the book inside eidt metadata window itself ?. This would help user to take look at the first few pages to identify exact book title and ISBN, and then enter them manually all inside one window.
Also, "Read Pdf metadata" plugin can be modified to get ISBN from within pdf (for this,maybe,an autosearch for text "ISBN ____" inside pdf within first few pages is enough ?!)

Although, my programming skills can hardly help my interest to build new plugins, Iam interested in learning python and wonder if i can understand and customize existing plugins, if made available. I wouldlike to contribute in some way and be a part of this beautiful and true service-minded project of calibre.

Many thanks to Kovid and his supporters for their great job over years.
I hope for some reply. Thanks for reading..
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