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Cooper, J Fenimore: The Pioneers V1 April 28 2007

My first attempt at uploading a book. Special request by astra_lestat for some J fenimore Cooper, particularly the Leatherstocking series.

Wikipedia recommends reading in the order they were published, not the order in which the action takes place, so here is the first.

To be honest, all I've done is tidy up the quotes at the start of each chapter, added a TOC and some cover art.

I'm not sure how much an improvement this is particularly afet Natch found;
I've poked around some more, and I'm not finding much that's any more complete than the Gutenberg texts, and will output an LRF for you on the fly. I'm not really in a position at the moment to go re-scanning them from scratch, and I'm a bit reluctant to duplicate Manybooks' effort unless I can find something more than just cover art to add to the mix.
So unless there's aburning need for the rets of this series, I'll probably knock it on the head. Was good practice though and easier than I'd imagined thanks BD.

If anyone has any pointers to improve on it for next time please let me know
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