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Multi-paragraph Footnotes

I posted this question in a thread someone else had started about their footnote issue, but I'm not sure if anyone has seen it (as it was an old thread), so apologies for the duplication...

I'm a relative newbie and I'm not a designer, coder or ebook author or anything of that stripe.

I won't go into any major details yet, as an answer to an initial question may be sufficient:

The question is this: if I have, in an AZW3 format book, a footnote that consists of more than one paragraph, is it possible to apply a css style or use inline attributes to display the text within the popup in the same fashion as it appears in the main text?

Just for some background, those who are familiar with the Discworld novels will know that there often lots of footnotes, some of which can take up close to half a page (in a print copy).

I have them all in print, but I wanted to also have them in ebook form, so I've been steadily buying them on Amazon. However, I'm not happy with the style and 'feel' of them, so I've been adjusting them to suit my own personal taste (like using custom fonts for the title page and the main text, etc.). It all works fine, but when it comes to the footnotes, the popup form won't behave the way I want it to - e.g. it doesn't use the font I've set in the css, it doesn't fully justify and it puts spaces between paragraphs. So I want to know if they can be made behave the way I want them to at all.

In the footnotes file/page I have at the end of the book, in my Calibre editor preview page and on the reader itself, the page containing the footnote looks absolutely fine.

But in the popup, previously it ran all the paragraphs together, but now it puts a space between them. The text remains stubbornly unjustified no matter how I try to tweak the stylesheet or try and use inline attributes.

So before posting any stylesheets and other info, I'd like to know if it's possible to have a popup footnote where multiple paragraphs are displayed within the popup in the same manner text appears within the main text, e.g. first line unindented, then indented first lines for the remaining paragraphs and for the text to be justified and using the custom font. If it's not possible, then that's that and I'll implement a different style. If it is possible, then I can post my code and open it up for dissection and guidance.

Thanks in advance.
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