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Originally Posted by knc1 View Post
That error message has nothing at all to do with testing this replacement jar file.
This replacement jar file only makes the difference between KUAL showing a blank screen or it displaying its menu.
No error message in either case, either before using this jar file or after.

When did you jail break the device?
What firmware version did you have installed when you jail broke it?

Did you re-install everything after you updated the Kindle each time?
Everything other than the jailbreak itself always must be re-installed after a firmware update.

Which type of KUAL do you have installed?
The document or the booklet?
Here's my situation. I used the factory jb (by downgrading to Fw 5.8.0) and upgraded to, did a reset, reinstalled the " n". I suppose the jailbreak should survive.
Then I installed "Update_KUALBooklet_v2.7.2_install.bin" and it showed a blank screen. After replacing the jar file, the massage showed. Later upgrading to 5.9.4, the same thing happens.
USBNet & LinkSS work fine.

I used SSH via USBNet to replace the file and now it works fine (although a bit slowlier). Bravo. I think something unexpected happened while replacing the file using the "RUNME" script.
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