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No worries, my translation wasn't meant to be final in any way, but just a quick patch to help testing etc. I assume half (if not all) of the work will have to be redone when 0.50 is ready.

Something that might be a good idea to discuss before everybody heads off and translates stuff is the current wording in english, because it isn't using a consistent terminology right now. For novice users of Sigil it may become confusing that the same thing is sometimes called "chapter", "file", "document", "item" or "HTML".

Current usage of terms (incomplete):
  • book - the entire ePUB
  • chapter - one XHTML file inside the ePUB
  • document - used most of the time as synonym to book, sometimes as synonym to chapter.
  • section - same as chapter? (New XHTML files are named "sections")
  • text - heading for all chapters/sections
  • styles - heading for all CSS files. there is currently no term used for a single css file.
  • item - any file inside the ePUB
  • HTML - sometimes used as synonym for a chapter

Those are overlapping somewhat. My personal vote would be for:
  • book
  • section *or* chapter (chapter is easier to understand, but may clash with the actual chapters of the book, which may not be identical, so "section" might actually be more suitable)
  • stylesheet
The sections and stylesheets also need a heading for the book browser, currenty those are "Text" and "Styles" - please discuss if it should be "Sections"/"Chapters", and "Stylesheets" instead.

Rules (I just made these up, please discuss)
  • avoid "document" because it is ambiguous, use book or chapter instead
  • avoid "epub", use "book" instead where possible. "epub" is a technology term which is only meaningful when comparing to other formats (so it's fine in the file dialogs etc.)
  • avoid "css", use "stylesheet" instead, unless where comparing to other formats (file dialogs etc.)
  • avoid "item" because it is ambiguous, wherever possible, use book, chapter, image, stylesheet etc. instead.
  • avoid "text", because it is ambiguous. Use "book" or "chapter"/"section" instead.

Additionally, the UI sometimes mentiones HTML, sometimes it mentions XHTML. I know that for validation and similar tasks, the difference between XHTML and HTML is important, while it is otherwise common to use just "HTML", even if it is in fact XHTML. So it may or may not make sense to unify these terms, but nevertheless is probably worth looking at.

Lastly, do you think it should be "EPUB" or "ePUB"? The logo features a lowercase "e", while the seems to use mostly "EPUB".
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