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Hi folks,

I can't get my US-purchased Kindle 3G to access the Internet in Germany, where I live. I just posted a comment on an older thread explaining the situation.

I apologize for the double post, but I see that this thread is more appropriate.

Hi folks,

I purchased a Kindle 3G in the US in September. I live in Germany.

The Internet worked fine in the US and in Canada, but it doesn’t work in Germany or Austria (the two European countries in which I’ve tried it). The 3G symbol appears, and I can access the Kindle store, but not the Internet.

I’ve spoken with Amazon US’s customer service, and they couldn’t explain why it doesn’t work. They told me to contact’s customer service, which informed me that only the Kindle store and Wikipedia are accessible via 3G in Germany. They also pointed me to a link from that lists the countries in which Internet surfing is possible:

As you can see, most of Western Europe is not on the list.

I haven’t been able to find an equivalent page on’s website.
So my questions....

1. Can anyone confirm whether changing the registration of a US Kindle to a country that is not on that list permit Internet use in that country?

2. I don't understand how some folks on this thread have been able to use a Kindle 3G to surf the Internet in Germany when I can't and when says you can't. Explanations?


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