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Originally Posted by ItalianUruguayan View Post
A small piece of info about the different firmwares I have tried on my Kobo Glo HD. Some I will not mention because they are not important enough in terms of new features. Of course, this will be biased by my needs, but nothing is perfect.

3.15.0: This version is significant because you can play chess on it. There's also a metazoa patch that disables wi-fi sleep and is not available for later versions. But the pbchess launcher has some bugs here: It always launches with the light off and, once you try to go out of the launcher and return to nickel, it freezes, and you have to restart your device.

3.18: Im using this one. It is the last version with the chess game. pbchess works well. There's an annoying bug on it, though: You cannot charge the device while sleeping. Once you plug it, it turns itself on.

3.19.5761: It is nice because, since this version was available for months, a lot of patches have been developed for it. For example, there is a patch that lets you open the web browser with wi-fi disabled. And one that lets you change the Kobo store replacing it with your own Calibre server. And you can enable the beta features menu with a simple patch without having to use an hexadecimal editor in order to edit nickel. And a lot more (if you want to find any of this patches let me know and I'll link to them here).

4.2.8432 is the last version with the tiled home screen. Newer versions will have the new home screen (which I dislike).

4.7.10413 is the current one. What I like about this one is that there's a patch that lets you reduce both the footer and the header size of the nickel interface. But it has some bugs: The browser is oversensitive to taps, and usually trying to scroll will be a disaster. When you scroll, sometimes it thinks that you did a double tap and will change the zoom. Sometimes you will scroll and th browser will return to the top of the page. These things make the browser unusable. The sketchpad app is horrible because it has a LOT of ghosting when you open it. But at least there's also a metazoa patch to enable beta features on it.

Please note that, the newer the version, the fastest the web browser will be. And the more responsive the keyboard and reading engine will be.
Thank you
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