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You'll have to give much more details on what exactly *you* did (instead of what you think you did, which is what just posting a third-party link suggests), and how the device reacted, step by step.
I understand, I only held back in case there was some obvious red flag (and it turned it there *maybe* was, with the FW). What I did precisely was factory reset from my Kobo Mini, connected to my Windows 10 Computer with the Kobo desktop app installed. From there, Kobo did it's thing (firmware update included I assume). After it was done, I would "continue setting up" (which meant, for me, exiting out of the tutorial to get started). Then I would plug the Kobo back in, and by this point I already unzipped the, which I downloaded from: So I moved the kbmenupngs to the root directory of the device, ejected, and let it update. I then opened every single image (a total of four, which matched the folders original contents). I reconnected and directly copied the KoboRoot.tgz to .kobo. Upon ejecting, it did it's "Updating.." and "Restarting.." but upon restarting, I am not greeted with the KSM (where I would normally select Nickel or KoReader) like I was before (before I factory reset the first time). I feel that this is where the problem is centered, because after that I proceed to drop the freshest version (pulled right from here:, as a .zip file, specifically koreader-2019.03 - am I a dummy for not getting instead?) of the KoReader folder into .adds, but, of course, I'm not given the option to select it from the KSM, because I can't access the KSM.

Edit: Actually, I've realized I may have been using this as my source for the Koreader folder: I'm actually not quite sure where I got it..

BUT, after unzipping the github release mentioned, there is no "koreader" folder, only the folder created by unzipping, which by default for me is named "KoReader-2019.03" -- again, within that folder there is no "Koreader" subfolder. And when using that folder (KoReader-2019.03) in place of a 'koreader' folder, I don't get any magical results.

TL;DR: Start by updating to the latest FW available for your device, it'll make everything else easier to follow .
Does this not happen automatically from the Kobo desktop after I plug my device in? It takes awhile to update, so I just kind of assumed it was updating FW. Anyway, I'll try and hunt that info down, thanks!

Sidebar 2: Constructive criticism on documentation is always helpful, so, I'd be happy to know what went wrong with that, so that you had to resort to third-party documentation?
I have no complaints about that documentation! Actually, wait. I do but it's minor and probably my own dumb fault. My only complaint was when browsing "Semi Automated Installation Method" (my natural first choice) it is not made clear to me if KSM installation is a prerequisite, but that's largely irrelevant to my problem right now. I only included the StackExchange link because it contained the other hyperlinks I used, and was pretty inclusive yet brief, and mirrored my procedure well (including resources used).

Anyway, thanks a million for your time!

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