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STrRedWolf began at the beginning.
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So I sat down and went through the novel... and found more inconsistencies that would of really give calibre a good drubbing.

Here's what I ended up doing:
  1. Ran through all the blog post scenes and converted them from using tables to using styles.
  2. Found that everything was a mix of multiple styles, so exported it all to HTML.
  3. Stripped out all the manual styling via Visual Studio Code.
  4. Stripped out the fonts to the bare minimum. Really, LibreOffice, you put six fonts I don't use? I only use three.
  5. Corrected some weirdness (ie why did I have a list entry between two paragraphs... and bold in bolded headings...)
  6. Imported the HTML back into LibreOffice.
  7. Went through every scene again, defining custom styles to keep things consistent.
  8. Export it to DOCX
  9. Imported it into Calibre, pushing it to AZW3 format, default settings.

I'm much happier now.
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