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ODT Conversion... with style issues

First time posting, so fair warning... kinda need some help.

Using Calibre 4.32 on Ubuntu (latest), with the source material made in LibreOffice and it's formatted a bit basic (no styles).

What I mean is that I do have chapter headers as Heading 1 and text as Default Style... but I have some scenes that are written like blog posts, and I have the formatting such that ether a single-cell table or a lengthy style lets it differentiate it from the regular text. They have a simple border around the entire scene.

I need to keep those scenes with the border.

I did a conversion from ODT to AZW3... and it kept everything but marked the border around every paragraph and block of bulleted lists. CSS lets me keep the in-betweens without the border.

My question is, how can I format the ODT in Libreoffice to produce the right effect in the AZW3? Every time I create some styles and toggle on Borders >> Merge with next paragraph, it produces the borders around the bulleted list. (and looks worse with the bulleted list).

If you need some example text, let me know, and I can attach the ODT and resulting AZW3.
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