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Originally Posted by NatCh
Well, Bailywolf, here you have upwards of 150 users of the Sony who don't seem to have much trouble getting Gutenberg files (or any RTF files), on their Readers (there have been a few issues here and there, but not general ones). Compare that to the remarks of a few Reviewers who likely spent a few hours with the Reader .... Well, you can make that evaluation for yourself.

As for A4 (letter sized) PDFs, no they don't work on a 6" screen, unless you're gifted with micro-vision.

However, that's more an issue with the PDF format not being reflowable, if it were, then the problem wouldn't exist. For things like Manuals and text books, of course, there are a lot of things that are layout dependant, and need to be displayed as they are, and just flat need to be displayed in the A4 size. I think there's a (huge) market for an A4 sized e-ink device, but that's not what the Reader is aimed at.

It's aimed at reading text, and it does that quite well. If that's not what you need, then that's not what you need, and the Reader won't work for you. No one thing can be every thing. Just the way it is.

Like I say, it won't do everything, but it does what it's aimed at, reading a text, page by page, front to back, quite well (yes the software has, um ... room for improvement, but once you're in a book and reading ...). So the real question is, are you interested enough in what it does do, for it to be worthwhile for you. The important thing is that you find something that works for you. These devices are another option, and hopefully there will be more options soon that cover even more of the range of needs.

Please don't take my comments on the reader as critical- I don't have an issue with it and what it does... it just doesn't do all the things I want a reader to do, and one of those big ones is letting me read PDF files without doing a lot of funky reformating and conversion. I dig the reader for what it does... it just doesn't do everything I want and need right now.

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