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Programmatically wrapping acsm files with DRM, no ADE GUI!

Hi all, calling ADE and other Adobe stuff experts! I'm trying to find a way to automatically wrap Adobe's DRM on acsm files without the user having to go through ADE. Our application would take care of syncing the resulting ePUB or PDF with the eReader.

We are thinking of several options, but not sure if some are possible:

a) run ADE in line command mode at our backend, passing user's Adobe ID as parameters, together source and target file locations. Would that be possible at all? Could' find any info on using command line with ADE, although we have seen it does indeed support receiving the source file path as parameter.

b) somehow use some the dll's included with ADE to run our own app; got no info on those dll's though so no idea how could (if) they can be used from our code.

c) license Adobe's RMDSK, which we understand includes all the necessary code. However this would be an expensive overkill as we have no need for most of the functionality it provides (we're not creating a reading app, just need to process the acsm and get the resulting, DRM wrapped ePUB)

Anyone with some experience in this area who can help? Thanks beforehand!

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